PARTNERExperience After 45 years, we know a thing or two about aircraft tractors

Kalmar Motors has developed and manufactured aircraft tractors for more than 45 years. That makes us one of the oldest companies in the business. But it does not make us content.


All sizes at all times

Our mission is clear and simple, we move commercial aviation aircraft of all sizes. With our simple and effective design, we do it quickly and carefully as well as with an accessibility 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. At Kalmar Motor, you will find the right tractor for every airport, and for every kind of aircraft used in commercial aviation, from regional aircrafts to the Airbus A380.


Lower operating costs and lower CO2 emissions.


TBL Electrics

Kalmar Motor has developed a range of new electric towbarless tractors, available with or without Range Extender, with accessibility equivalent to that of conventional diesel drives, but with a fraction of the operating costs and emissions, which are far below those of combustion engines, regardless of the purification technology used.

Now Kalmar Motor makes it possible to move commercial aviation aircraft of all sizes using cost saving and environmentally friendly hybrid drive vehicles. The new TBL 800 is the first ever electric tractor on the market that can handle wide body aircraft. For the very first time you can tow the Airbus A380, quickly and carefully, with or without personnel in the cockpit, using electrical power. During deceleration the electric motors function as generators charging the batteries, transforming the aircraft’s moving mass into energy. With the impressive sizes of wide body aircraft, the system itself will generate ”free” battery charging.

Full power all the time – This technology is available on all our TBL tractors. The powertrain is completely electric. The diesel engine will charge the batteries when needed. This means that full power is available at all times, regardless of the percentage charged. Since batteries can be charged even during short stops, they are able to drive the tractor the majority of the time.

Reduce Operation Cost

The TBL Hybrids are great money savers. The combination of higher engine efficiency and lower electricity cost than diesel makes the hybrid tractor a cost reducing tool. Apart from cutting operating costs, the Hybrids also reduce maintenance costs. Less oil usage and fewer time consuming maintenance stops add to the overall cost effective approach. The TBL Hybrids make it profitable to be environmental friendly.

Reaching more sustainable airport 

Many airports not only have limits regarding green house gas emission, they also have to pay for emission rights. Our TBL Hybrids are a highly competitive option based solely on economics. The overall environmental effect of reduced emission is something that is appreciated by all our clients and environment agencies alike.

Recharge over and over again

The TBL Hybrids are equipped with the latest generation Lithium-ion batteries and regenerate power through their own braking and hydraulic circuits. Additionally, there is also a small diesel engine that automatically cuts in to recharge the batteries when needed. This means the TBL Hybrids can be used without limit or a recharge because of their high capacity batteries and low energy consumption. While at rest, they can also be recharged through an electric power line.