Magirus – 150 years of fire protection technology tradition

The best firefighting vehicles are built by fire-fighters. This fact was known to Conrad Dietrich Magirus, fire-fighter by passion, visionary and founder of our company 150 years ago. In keeping with this tradition, today we at Magirus build the most modern and most reliable fire-fighting vehicles, ladders, pumps and fire pumps. And today many employees at Magirus are trained comrade fire-fighters who know exactly what’s needed on the job.

The work of our comrades in fire-fighting services around the world is an inspiration as well as motivation, since their mission is what drives us. This is also the reason why the equipment, vehicles and solutions we develop for our comrades are among the best in the world.

Magirus DRAGON X4

Extremely compact and agile: The Magirus DRAGON X4 is a rapid intervention vehicle with outstanding manoeuvrability. This airport fire fighting vehicle is the entry model of the DRAGON series offering all the benefits of a special ARFFV (Aircrash Rescue And Fire Fighting Vehicle) and combines them with the manoeuvrability of a compact tank pumper.

The DRAGON X4 can be used a Rapid Intervention Vehicle in any airport category, as stand alone solution up to category 5, or in combination with other ARFF vehicles. For smaller airports, it is the ideal all-rounder for fire protection on the airport. The spacious and ergonomic “Panorama Cab” allows easy entrance and exit, contributing to a fast response time. The low window areas provide the best all-round visibility.

The low centre of gravity provides an excellent cornering ability even during the fastest deployment rides. Its low-set equipment storage compartments enable the loading of extensive fire-fighting equipments as well as its ergonomic and quick removal. All of this makes the DRAGON one of the best vehicles for fire-fighting and rescue at airports.


Excellence in its compact form: The Magirus DRAGON X6 TEP convinces with its engine power, accelaration and extinguishing power, which are unique for this category throughout the world. This airport fire-fighting vehicle has the benefits of the DRAGON concept, but on an agile, all-terrain three-axle chassis.

In this vehicle category, the performance values of the DRAGON X6 TEP – e.g. engine power, accelaration and extinguishing power – are found nowhere else in the world.

TEP stands for Twin Engine Power Pack. The vehicle has a drive unit with two 540 HP (397 kW) in Euro 3 or 560 HP (412 kW) in Euro 5 IVECO Cursor 13 motors. The drive-line with two Allison automatic gearboxes allows to drive the vehicle at high speed, discharging water and foam (up to 9,400 l/min) in standing position or using the pump & roll mode.

The DRAGON X6 TEP in the configuration of 40 t accelerates from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 21 seconds, while the top speed reaches 135 km/h (electronically governed). It’s excellent breaking performance is just as impressive.



SUPERDRAGON is a high standard and performances Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicle completely made by IVECO MAGIRUS group (chassis and superstructure) in accordance to the ICAO and NFPA lat-est requirements

Rear mounted powerful TEP “IVECO TWIN ENGINES POWERPACK” to perform as a first response appliance at aircraft emergencies at the largest worldwide airports. Allison fully automatic transmission to provide unbeatable performances of acceleration, high speed and mobility on any ground sur-face under all weather conditions

SUPERDRAGON is able to operate in different areas and weather conditions: high humidity areas, hot areas, cold areas, high altitude areas. The vehicle has an innovative design and a high quality finish and painting. SUPERDRAGON is designed and built under the IVECO MAGIRUS ISO 9001 procedure